Reason Why You End Up Losing Him

Have you ever imagined what you've got to offer your relationship?

What have you got to offer him? Sex, money, clothes, phones, trips?  And you call that your best or rather everything?

 My sister why na? Why on earth would he still call back, when he’s used to those free gift he could easily get anywhere on even more expensive platform for free.

He has a mission, a mindset and target. The only thing he would appreciate and make him come calling back is when you offer not what you call (everything) but rather ANYTHING that can BUILD him, MAKE him GREAT, PROUD to have you and SEE you in his blueprint (LIFE’S PLAN).

Sweetheart, when you give him all to an extent that his project acknowledgment is incomplete without your name on the first paragraph, then you’re working towards making him call for you for a stay and walk together.

Sex and its like are no reason for any guy to stay or never (jara e) call it a quit, it’s just like travelling to a location and you had a stopover, you’ll like to shop, go places and take shots before moving on so also you were his stopover (your body, money, calls and others where the attraction) he has to move on.

But remember you could also like a sweater and buy it along, so also be the woman (sweater) he’ll take along the journey…
SEX is no criteria for love, BUILD an empire together, BE in his plan and not in the moment.

NOTE: It pays to settle with one, than be a dog to all.

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