Bobrisky instigates war between upcoming Nigerian male barbies


Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky has instigated a war between cross dressers after he called his friend cum enemy, Toyin Lawani, ‘broke’ on her birthday.
This caused widespread reactions as Bobrisky was attacked for his statement. One of Bobrisky’s detractors however stood out.
A fellow Nigerian cross dresser, JP Blush a.K.a
Shantel delivered a super attack when he claimed that Bobrisky has a terrible body odour.
Shantel also claimed that Bobrisky tried to rubbish
Toyin’s beauty products by mixing it with a dangerous substance that made customers complain.

Following this development, another cross dresser known as Emydiva came to Bobrisky’s defense by attacking JP Blush . He rated JP poor in comparison to Bob and said the dark Barbie could not afford anything Bob could.
He claimed that Bob is a diva, while JP Blush is a ‘low life bi*ch’.
Watch the video below;
Popular ‘they-did-not-caught-me’ personality, James Brown, also defended Bob , but the drama did not end as yet another cross dresser crawls out from behind the scenes to provide support for JP.

The last cross dresser, Cutie Buchi slid into the drama in full swing. He attacked Emydiva and
Bobrisky together. He said that neither Emy nor Bob were classy. He referred to Bob as classless and unable to make a complete sentence properly.
He warned the duo that this was not going to be a handicap 2 to 1 match but that he was here to give his full support to JP and that he was ready to give them ‘back to back’.

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