How to Make More than 50k Monthly with 500 Naira Start Up Capital On Viraltrend.

Good day pals,

  As 2018 curtain closes all plans are geared towards how you can make it 2019. And the earlier you plan for 2019 the successful you will become. Here I bring you what will turn your financial story around in few months from now if ONLY you will take action speedily.

Enough of stories!

Have you heard of viraltrend?

If no, then I am now the first person that bring it to you. Clap for me na

What's is viraltrend and how does it face me MONEY?

Here we go:

Viraltrend is an online affiliate site that reward it's members for carrying out activities on their social media. Activities like:

1: liking

2: following

3: watching videos

4: retweeting

5: sharing of post

To mention but some.

You carry out this activities on the site and you get paid per each not less than 5 naira

Does it has referring stuff to earn?



  To be sincere with you, there's no online platform call affiliate that will not have referring stuff.

What you should look at in affiliate sites like this is, whether they paid with or without referral. Not otherwise.

The good news is, viraltrend pays you without referral.

How to start?


  To join viral trend this is what you must have

Facebook account, twitter account, IG account and email

And 1000 naira or 5000 naira.

Another good news

The CEO of the site Mr Paul omogie has decided to do promo for new members till on 3 January.

So instead of joining with 1k or 5k you can join from now till 3 January with 500 naira or 2500 naira. The opportunity you must seize.

  The difference between the two package is in their referring side

Take a look at the difference below

Note this is explained base on the original sign up prices not on the promo prices

Basic is 1k
Premium is 5k

As premium member, you earn

50% of your direct referrals.

That's if your direct referral join with 5k you earn #2500 which is 50% of 5k

If your direct referral join with 1k, you will earn #500 which is the 50% of 1k
As a premium member, you earn

10% of the registration fee of the people your referrals referred

If the person join your referral with 5k, you will earn #500 which is the 10% of 5k

If the person join with 1k under the person you referred you will earn #100 which is 10% of 1k

Basic member

As a basic member

You earn 30% of your direct referrals and 5% of their own referrals.

If your referrals join with 5k you will earn #1500 which is 30% of 5k

If your referrals join with 1k you will earn #300

 To start earning



Create "promote and earn" account

Make payment through Rave if you can pay with your card online or through direct bank deposits

To be added to our WhatsApp/telegram after registration

WhatsApp +2349028308007

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