And one day lovers become exes.. 
Friends turned to enemies..
We forget about the genesis..
Of what brought about the friendship or relationship..
We gotta give a second chance to everything..
Cuz God gives us Infinite chances..
But humans needs understanding
I find true friendship or relationship equals to family...
When both is real...then no duobt..it turns family..
Its crazy how it seems sometimes.
But we all think that were doing what's right..
Regardless of others opinion.. Were still gonna do what we like..
Its the human nature..
I came from a community of wild mentality..
Children graduates from school to end up in fraudulent activities..
This ain't the life we chose..its what's gonna be done..
Cuz Nigeria is just a name..the fact is we were never one..
Supposed unity divided among ethnicity.
Corruption erupting everyday like Tornadoes of high activities..
Leaders ,we call them..
But these leaders feed off the poor..
Money allocated for Amenities..
You take it all abroad.
Now you tell us we shouldn't do things our way. 
SARS knocking everywhere ..we all know they are doing it for thier gain..
Election comes...now the Candidates doing Campaigns..
Claiming they've been in our shoes that they can understand our pain..
Results before the Votings starts now tell me who you playing...
You won the Elections...Now you gave us Change..
I'm just a troubled youth..
Doesn't mean am Lazy..
Millions of youths taking wage jobs in factories just to make a living..
Others results into Fraud or into robberies..
But we all know the real reason behind all these wordings..
Government officials living lavish on all the fundings..
Put thier children in good schools overseas.
But leaves us without Job opportunities..


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